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Mayfield 39: It always comes back to shooting things with the Sniper
talky sniper is feeling talky, ring ring ring, on the phone
Before any of you throw any parties, keep in moind that just because Grady's gone doesn't mean things will get better.

In th' meantoime, I--I'm the RED Sniper, boi th' way--will be in moi usual place at th' Rec Center giving lessons. If you'd loike t' brush up on your shooting, come on over. If you'd loike t' learn 'ow t' shoot, come on over. 'ell, even if you 'ate guns and you don't want anything t' do with them, I'd suggest you at least get some pointers on basic foirearms safety since you're very loikely living with one or more trigger 'appy blokes and I'm sure you wouldn't want t' shoot yourself.

((OOC: Sniper needs more CR. Please give him some.))

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[ um, hope you don't mind me throwing Madoka at him...?

If this was Procrastica Magica, she'd probably have completely ignored this phonecall. But when he mentions people who hate guns, and Madoka remembers being left with a gun she didn't know how to use in the living room to protect herself while her "dad" was out, she reconsiders. ]

Um... I...

[ She swallows hard on the other end of the phone, trying to get some courage. ]

Th-there's a Rec center in Mayfield? I-I... n-never knew that... [ And tries to avoid the topic of guns anyway. Not enough courage. ]

Yeah, it's located at [address].

(He guesses from her voice that she's of the third category.)

But I can come over and take a look at th' foirearms you've got in th' 'ouse if you're not comfortable 'andling them yourself.

Eh? Over there...?

Um... well... I don't know... m-maybe... is it okay if I come? A-and... even just looking, I-I... I don't want to be useless if I ever get left with a gun again s-so... so, maybe... [ MUMBLE MUMBLE she's so nervous about asking to learn to use a gun. ]

CR reinforcements have arrived. (Phone)


[Balin's interest is piqued.]

They got a shooting range in'is town? An' you run it?

"Red Sniper," eh? That your nickname? Like "White Death?"

Yeah, that's one 'f th' first things I did when I got 'ere. Need t' keep moiself sharp.

No, it means I work for RED and I'm a Sniper. I've got nicknames, but I prefer "Red" or "Snoipah".

You sound so fucking sure of yourself, man. [And here's a whiny, nasally "imitation" of Sniper's voice, obnoxious fake accent included.] "I-I'm the R-R-R-RED Snoiper".

I wouldn't be offering if I didn't know wot I was doing.

I've got th' furnace all set up for you if you want t' watch things burn. You know where th' secondary school is, roight?

[Action] Hawkeye likes to shoot things too XD

[At the Rec Center and giving lessons? She couldn't help herself from dropping by, after work. It wasn't too hard to pick him out of the crowd, and she stepped up behind him, curious.]

Good afternoon. I heard you offer to teach marksmanship over the telephone.

Indeed I do. Wot sort 'f foirearm do you favor?

The Rec Center? Maybe I'll drop by.

[ His Family typically rejects the use of guns, using knives instead, but it can't hurt to brush up on another weapon. And there's the chance he could find a good sparring partner if other methods of fighting are being practiced there. ]

Hey, if people can use guns there, is there anybody practicin' knives?

I've got a colleague 'oo's good at knoives, I can introduce th' two 'f you. And if you want t' practice throwing knoives, you're free t' use th' range, too.

That sounds surprisingly useful, but won't we get in trouble for learning something like that here? We won't get droned for it or anything will we?

From wot I understand women aren't allowed t' boi foirearms, not without the man 'f th' 'ouse allowing it if at all, but as far as I know there's no rules about not knowing 'ow t' shoot.

If you're really that worried about it, just don't let a drone not living with you see you with a gun.

[ Garviel just shows up with the most blinging gun ever to bling, Red. It's a Bolter, which is like a huge rectangular block of a weapon covered in oath-text, with an odd scar on the front trigger-grip below the barrel. He holds it in two hands, and is wearing his powered armor as he walks into the Shooting range. ]

(Sniper takes one look at that thing and jizzes in his pants raises an eyebrow.)

You shoot that thing off in 'ere, you'll put a 'ole in th' wall.

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