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Mayfield 42: It Could Be Worse
where is that hand going?, blushy sniper is blushy, embarrassed
(For a split second, when the Sniper wakes up in an unfamiliar bed once again, he dares to hope that he's back home again.

But, no, those hopes are dashed when his vision focuses and he finds himself in a room whose function is obvious at a glance.

Especially when the Sniper is dressed like a Chippendale Dancer.

Currently, the Sniper is pacing the dimensions of the room trying to find a way out. Being trapped is one of his major phobias, so he's freaking out, and it's starting to show on his face.)

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[When Terra wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, her first reaction is to panic. She lets out a small noise of surprise and stumbles out and away from the bed, looking around frantically.

It takes her a moment to realize that she is dressed only in her lingerie... and that she is not alone.]

(Whirls around, staring. That lump in the bed was another person?

At least she's probably not a Spy, because he would have been dead already if that were the case.)

[Okay. Deep breaths. He doesn't look like a drone, so he should be safe... right?]

Ah... hello.

[No, he definitely doesn't look like a drone. Not dressed like that, certainly. She flushes bright red and hastily looks away.]


I'm guessing this is another one 'f th' town's tricks. Can't seem t' foind a way out at all.

We're trapped? But why? It's not like we can leave the town as it is...

T' pound it int' our 'ead that 'ooever runs this place can do wot they bloody well please, I suppose.

[It takes her a few more seconds to process that, having never heard an accent quite like this before.]


I wonder if I can help...

[She begins chanting softly while holding her hands out in front of her. After a moment, fire blazes from her hands and hits the door... which, of course, does nothing.]

(He's seen the Pyro do similar stuff, and seeing that the woman could take care of herself just fine makes him slightly less nervous.)

Where are moi manners? I'm th' RED Sniper, but just "Red" or "Snoipah" is foine.

Oh, yes. I'm sorry, I haven't given you my name. I'm Terra.

[She goes from frowning at the door to once again looking at her companion - and remembering what each of them is wearing. Silently, she walks back over to the bed and wraps one of the sheets around herself.]

(The Sniper also averts his gaze and catches sight of a mini-fridge. He immediately goes rooting in that.)

Woi don't you tell me a bit about yourself, Terra? I'll do th' same.

Oh... okay.

[While she talks, she shifts around, apparently looking for something.]

I'm... I come from a world that has been ravaged by a power hungry madman. Before I was brought here, my friends and I were just about to attack his tower. And I...

[Aha, there. She pulls another sheet away from the bed and hands it to The Sniper.]

...I was born with magical abilities.

(Ties the sheet around his upper body.)

Me, I'm an assassin. Me and moi mates foight for territory back 'ome.

[Suddenly, she looks sad... and scared.]


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